why did you come to Japan?

why did you come to Japan?

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Okonomiyaki Honeymoon! Let's eat lots of okonomiyaki!

Okonomiyaki Honeymoon! Let's eat lots of okonomiyaki!

A honeymoon couple visiting Japan from the U.S.

In love with okonomiyaki that they even cook it at home at least once a week.

  • Visiting Japan on honeymoon to experience a real okonomiyaki.
    Visiting Japan on honeymoon to experience a real okonomiyaki.
    We've had an opportunity to interview Taylor and Annie who have come to Japan on their honeymoon from the U.S. This is their first time to visit Japan but Annie speaks Japanese well after studying for 4 years. She's so adorable nodding her head "Un! Un!" whenever she means "Yes! Yes!". One day they got to know about okonomiyaki on the internet and decided to cook it on their own, and immidiately fell in love! Ever since then they've been cooking okonomiyaki at least once a week. They have chosen Japan for their honeymoon location to experience a real okonomiyaki, and after a long, careful research they've decided that they would like to visit "Mizuno" in Osaka which seems to be known as the best okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka. Let's follow these love birds!
  • This long-established okonomiyaki restaurant "Mizuno" is chosen by Michelin 3 years in a row.
    This long-established okonomiyaki restaurant
    The next morning we meet up with Taylor and Annie in Osaka. After months of research they don't even have to look at a map to find where the restaurant is located! The restaurant "Mizuno" has been listed in Michelin guide book 3 years in a row, as soon as they open at 11am there's a long line. They've decided to order beforehand while waiting outside, but when half an hour has passed the restaurant loses all power! Apparently the block where the restaurant is located only has lost power and no one knows when it'll be back. It's no worth waiting outside, they've decided to check out the neibourhood until the power is back on.
  • Checking out Dotonbori area.
    Checking out Dotonbori area.
    Taylor and Annie have decided to explorer the town of Dotonbori and their eyes are immidiately caught by yummy looking takoyaki. This is an another soul food of Osaka, there's no way they're going to miss it! Then they find another delicious looking Kobe beef sushi on their way back to Mizuno and decide to try it out as well. OK, it's time to go eat okonomiyaki!, but instead they ask the shop staff for the best ramen shop nearby. Now they are headed to a ramen shop...